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About Sports

We are located in the most popular area in Paphos in front of 5 star Coral Beach Hotel & Resort.

Our mission is to provide our clients the best service and fun. We use high quality equipment to satisfy your needs. Our experienced stuff members will help you to get the best out of your water-sports experience.


Suitable almost for everyone any age including people with disabilities.
More than one persons can fly at the same time making the flight a unique experience for families or people who would like to share the fun.

Jet Ski

Jet skies are available for one or two passengers
There driver has to be over 18 years of age.
We supply a temporary driving licence and directions about how to drive and safety regulations. The ride is always for 20 minutes

Crazy shark

It is an inflatable round couch pulled by a speed boat.
Minimum 2 with maximum 6 passengers can go on.
Suitable for everyone any age and weight.
The driver has all the experience and he will drive accordingly to the passengers style.


Is the oldest inflatable but still very popular and a great fun for a group of people. Minimum 3 up to 10 can go on a ride.
No limitations as long as you can hold on to it.

Fly Fish

Quite modern inflatable.
Only for two persons with similar weight is best for balance.
Pulled by a speed boat in high speed takes off when the direction is against the wind making the ride very exiting.

Fly board

Uses the power of a jet ski to make your board a flying machine.
An extreme action sport for experienced persons.
The ride is always for 20 minutes

Pedal Boat

A nice classic sport for everyone very popular to young kids or families
Some have extra slide for children to add some more fun to the experience.
Maximum 4 persons can go on and the ride is for 30 minutes minimum up to as long as you like.


Another classic sport.
we have canoes for one person or two persons.
The minimum ride is one hour up to as long as you like.


Easy very stable hobby cats for pleasant sailing
Sailing can be exiting or relaxing depending on the wind conditions and the captains mood …
Up to 4 persons can go on and we rent them per hour.

Water Ski – Wake board

Water ski is probably the oldest but still one of the top of the range water sports. For experienced skiers and beginners.
For experienced skiers every ride is for 15 minutes.
For those who would like to take lessons the lesson is for 30 minutes
Always with one of our  professional drivers
We provide life jackets, skies etc …