Suitable for almost any age, no skills required.
Depending on the wind conditions more than 1 person
( 2 or 3 can go up at the same time)
Small childreen can experiance parasailing accompanied by an adult.

The feeling you get while flying is hard to desribe unless you go up there. It is extreemely peacefull, all you can hear is just the wind and the views incretable.
Suitable for 18 years old and above

We use the latest models of jet bikes
One or two passenger can go on
Kids can experiance Jetbikes as passengers.

Feel the power.
Our stuff members will explain you all the rules and regulations, they will give you the training you need if you are not familiar, and all the information you need to know about the area to make your experiance safe and pleasent.
Suitable for almost any age, no skills required.

Our driver will drive as you like.
Fast for action and adventurus fun or slowly to enjoy the ride.
Always keeping it safe.
Up to 8 persons can go on at the same time.

Suitable for young childreen and above, no skills required.

As the boat picks up speed against the wind it takes off
While driving on the same direction with the wind you can relax for the next round.
Very good fun, extreeme action.

Suitable for almost any age, no skills required.

Depending on the passengers weight and the water surface conditions, up to 6 persons can have a go together.
Very nice for families and group fun.
Towed behind a speed boat slides left and right of the wacke.
You can order the driver to give you a slow or fast ride.

Suitable for any age, no skills required.

Stay away from the crowd, get a nice tan, have some exersize peddaling, swim away from the shore or do some snorklering.
Pedal boat is one of the oldest and still very popular boats in the watersports
great for families and groups of friends. If you need eg for small kids we provide you life jackets.
Suitable for young kids and above, no skills required.

Very stable, great for exersize and tanning.
Explore the area arround end enjoy the crystall clear water of Coral bay.
Very easy to use, no skills required, very popular to kids and adults.
Suitable for any wind surfer.

We have a variety of sails and boards to meet your needs. If you are experianced windsurfer you choose the right sail - board combination and enjoy.

For non experianced we can help by giving you instructions or lessons.
Suitable for anyone who can sail

Very easy to handle katamarans for solo or group fun.
Stable fun boats not demanding special skills to sail.

If you are non experianced sailor we can give you thew basic training so you can enjoy sailing.
Suitable for young kids and above

Two skies, wacke boarding or mono ski
our experianced drivers will give you the best to enjoy skiing.

For non experianced or kids we offer lesson sessions.
Suitable for everyone

We use a fast boat that can easely cary 10 to 12 persons and take you to the desired destination quickly.
Half hour, one hour or more trips offered.
Depending on how much time the trip is going to take we can take you to different locations like the sea caves, turtle bay, or akamas national park.

Always with one of our drivers who will show you the sites.
Snorklering equipment provided.
Suitable for everyone, no skills required.

It takes minimum 3 hours in the open sea.
It has to be arranged in advance so we prepare bates and all the nessesary equpiment in cooperation with one of the professional fisherman in our harbour.
We go for tuna or other fish depending on the season.
Very nice for families or fishing fans.